More resources on preparing the group

CDA CADToolkit 2014.doc
Spiritual Conversation.pdf
How to make a Communal Decision JJE.pdf
Spiritual Conversation (October 2017).pdf
Durham chplns 2017.ppt
William Barry Communal Discernment.pdf
Victoria Curtiss Communal Discernment.pdf

ISECP Modules

Situating ourselves — Introduction to ISECP.ppt
Module 1 Situating Ourselves.docx
Identity Vocation Mission.pptx
Module 2 - Identity Vocation MIssion (Revised 2016).docx
Module 3 - LDR Cycle.docx
Life Death Resurrection Cycle.ppt
ISECP Power Cycle.ppt
Module 4 - Power Cycle and Leadership Styles.docx
History Line exercise handout.docx
Module 5 - History Line.docx
SIN in collaborative ministry teams 2016.ppt
Module 6 - Sin in our Collaborative Ministry Teams.docx
Spiritualities in the Church.ppt
Module 7 - Will of God and Spiritualities in the Church.docx
Will of God 2015.ppt
Module 8 - Kingdom, Two Standards, Dying and Rising.docx
The Two Standards in Group Life.pptx
What's dying, what's rising.ppt
Graced Qualities and Objectives copy.doc
Goals and Objectives 2016.ppt
Dream of the Trinity 2016.ppt
Module 9 - Discerning Goals and Objectives.docx
Module 10 - Communal Discernment.docx
Communal Discernment.ppt
Discernment of Spirits in Groups.doc
Module 11 - Meetings and SOP.docx
Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.ppt
Rules for Discernment in Groups.ppt
Module 12 - Notes for facilitating a Group.docx